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2016, @Studio Bros.

Album Reverze kapely Totál Vokál
  1. Lion Sleeps Tonight
  2. Mr. Sandman
  3. Czenglishman in New York
  4. Billie Jean/Smooth Criminal
  5. I´m Yours/Over the Rainbow
  6. Prší, prší
  7. Only You
  8. Daft Punk Medley
  9. Život je jen náhoda
  10. Clandestino
  11. Can´t Buy Me Love
  12. Love Is All Around

Bonus: Mr. Sandman (feat. Jaro Cossiga)

Price: 300 CZK ≈ 12 €

Díky, kluci!

2012, 3bees studio

Album Díky, kluci! od kapely Totál Vokál
  1. Star Wars
  2. How Deep Is Your Love
  3. Wannabe
  4. Až já odtud pryč pojedu…
  5. Sway
  6. Skapolka
  7. Lollipop
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody

Bonus: Šmoulí superdiskošou

Price: 150 CZK ≈ 6 €

Both CDs can be ordered by e-mail. It is necessary to specify the name of CD as well as the the delivery address and to add the fees for shipping and handling (the CD is delivered COD as a standard package via Czech Post). There is also the possibility of purchasing at the concerts.



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